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Coca Cola Starlight Flavor: Mystery Flavor Tastes Like “Space”

Coca-Cola Starlight is a new limited edition drink from Coca-Cola. This beverage is Coca-Cola’s first from their “Coca-Cola Creations”, which are based on innovation and the creation of new drinks. The idea behind this drink was to promote Coke’s core product, with traditional versions as well as sugar free options for those who want it.

Update: Coca-Cola Starlight comes in both zero-sugar and regular varieties.

This beverage has been created by the company’s “Coca Cola Creations” department, which tries to innovate and create new drinks. The idea behind this drink was to promote Coke’s main product with traditional versions as well as sugar free options for those who want them.


Over the past few years, Coca-Cola has been focusing on promoting their core product by discontinuing drinks that were outdated and loved but no longer popular. Their new drink is called Starlight from Coca-Cola Creations, which is the company’s first beverage.

Unlike “cherry” or “vanilla,” it’s not immediately clear how the taste of Starlight is supposed to be. So as Redditors who spotted images of this new product online a few months ago, shared some theories about the new drink’s flavor. Some say they had found evidence that suggested this mysterious product was already being sold in stores ahead of its official launch, planned for next week.

One guessed that the space would taste like raspberries, because “a quick Google search says it tastes like raspberries.” (According to a 2009 Guardian article, astronomers do think that the center of galaxy may smell and taste like rum. This doesn’t sound too bad!) More recently, someone tasting this product noted after-tastes of “chocolate [and] graham cracker.” That led another Redditor to guess the flavor is “s’mores.”

Coca-Cola has finally answered our question of what the “secret” behind their new beverage, Starlight. This is in reference to a feeling that evokes being cold and coming from space, which came out on Thursday with this explanation:

Starlight is inspired by space and its notes resemble stargazing around a campfire. It also has a cooling sensation like you’re travelling into space without ever leaving Earth.

Coca-Cola Starlight aims to be a more adventurous version of Coke. It’s Coca-Cola taste but with a dash of the unexpected, like reddish hue! The drink does not actually strike one as being out there or far from home, but it is different enough for some people to try it.

As part of the promotional campaign for this new product, Coca-Cola Creations has collaborated with pop singer Ava Max on digital marketing material using her image and song lyrics.

Coca Cola New Marketing Strategy

Last year, Coca-Cola introduced a new brand called “Real Magic” to the world. The idea of this platform is to try and reach out to new consumers by making gaming, music, and other areas a focus point for marketing Coke products. Along with that comes the introduction of Coca-Cola Creations which will introduce limited time physical or digital realties based on these products in stores such as Target or Amazon.

“When we launched ‘Real Magic,’ our goal was to connect with and celebrate the experiences that bring joy to young people today, which has taken us down an exciting new path,” Oana Vlad, senior director of global brand strategy at Coca-Cola says.

Oana Vlad

Coca-Cola understands that getting young consumers to pay attention is necessary because interest in soft drinks has been declining for years. Exciting new campaigns and mysterious products are a way to get potential new customers’ attention.

So what does this entail? In the case of Coca-Cola’s Starlight, it means an interactive holographic concert by Ava Max, who also performed on Roblox gaming platform. The concert can be accessed through the QR code on your bottle of Starlight! Plus all those dazzling shades!

But not everything about Starlight is new- it’s also a nod to when Coca-Cola actually sent a can of Coke into space in the 1980s. But that one just tasted like regular Coke.


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