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Chuck Cox thank those working on the search Susan Powell

Chuck Cox drove to the Utah dig site to thank and help those working on the search. ‘It feels different this time’: Susan Powell’s parents react to findings from Utah mine.

Chuck Cox hopes he’s days away from getting answers he’s been waiting for since 2009. He and his wife Judy are waiting for DNA results from bones and clothing found in a Utah mine last week. Their daughter, Susan Powell, was reported missing in December 2009. Her remains have not been found, but Cox said last week’s discovery has him ‘cautiously optimistic.’

Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, was a person of interest in the case.

He told police he had taken the couple’s boys camping in the Utah desert the December night Susan disappeared.

Powell later lost custody of the boys, Braden and Charlie.

In 2012, he killed the boys, and himself.

The Cox family has had false alarms in the 12 years since his daughter vanished every time remains have been found around Utah.

“It feels different this time,” Cox said from his Puyallup home Friday morning.

He said the mine’s location and the fact Josh Powell allegedly told friends he could get rid of a body in a mine makes Cox feel more optimistic this time around.

Cox said the pants found during the search match the style and size Susan Powell wore at the time of her disappearance, according to former co-workers. 

He said he’s awaiting DNA results that could come back this month.

When Cox heard privately-funded searchers made the discovery last week he drove down to Utah to thank the crew, and join their search.

He said he’s grateful and hopes the items bring some closure to the family.

”It would just kind of resolve in our minds where we are. Kind of a relief,” said Cox. “Although you’re pretty sure she’s not coming back, now we know and you can put that aside and continue on with the work of her foundation.”

Cox said the family started a foundation to help domestic violence survivors.

The West Valley Police Department, the lead agency investigating Powell’s disappearance, has not returned phone calls about the case or last week’s search.

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